The company

Who We Are:

Founder at Aliexport Spanish Food:

  • A 20 years experienced manager with national and international commercial
    experience at multinational companies from the agri-food industry and logistics services at the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector: manufacturers, key retailers, wholesalers and Horeca channel.
  • Currently, voluntary consultant on strategic marketing for the Food Bank of Madrid, developing the Third Sector.
  • PhD. Agricultural Engineer by Spain and Germany, and Executive MBA.

Mission, vision and values of the company:

  • Our mission is delivering to our customers a Spanish high quality products
    selection in order to achieve an excelent flavor and authentic moment of
  • Our vision is to be considered as a recognized supplier of healthy, authentic
    and delicious products.
  • Values: Encorauge a healthy diet and sustainability principles aligned with the Sustainable Food Systems Programme of the UN. Promote respect to the environment and high social responsibility. We cooperate with NGO’s to help the most in need people under severe poverty as well as social exclusion.

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